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Switching Pantheons for Workings

If I am not resonating with a deity on my chosen path when I am doing a particular working whether spell, potion or charm, I am not going to risk the outcome having ill effects because I needed a deity’s help and that deity is the only one from my path that has “power ” over what I am doing. No!!!!! Why in the name of all that is good would I risk it when 1) I am an eclectic and 2) there are a ton of deities that I could invoke with proper respect and blessing and offering.

Yes, I identify myself with the Celtic path because I have always been drawn to it but I won’t force myself to follow a strict following to that path.

Usually, when the deities associated with my path aren’t resonating with me I seek out a deity from my first path, the Hellenic pantheon. My workings always turn out.

Remember magick is all about the intent not following a strict wording from a book or spell kit. Yes, those come in handy when you don’t know how to do it yourself but if it doesn’t feel right down to you very essence you will doubt it and obscure it.


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