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Ritual Journaling

Many of you know that I am involved with a pagan based student group we started on my campus. We are not doing a ritual on Samhain this year. Instead, we are holding a masquerade with another student group. Because we are not doing a ritual, something (I’m assuming one of my animal/spirit guides) prompted me to post about an alternative for those that don’t have another way to celebrate the Sabbaths. I would like to introduce to you Ritual Journaling.

I will provide a link as well as the example below of how I have done this in the past.

The way I hold Ritual Journaling is much like how I do powerful spells ( or for some people spells in general).

First I gather my supplies( normal for me with general spell work) – Supplies include my BOS ( so currently my tablet), Incense, candles, any materials for spells I wish to do that coincide with the Sabbath, my journal or piece of paper I wish to do the ritual with and a writing utensil that won’t give out and that will only be used for the purpose of ritual journaling.

Second I find a comfortable spot to hold my Ritual (normal for my spell work)- Now this could be in your house, outside your house, alone in a room where you won’t be disturbed or in a room with people who know what you are doing. I usually do the latter, but before I lived in my own place I would find a quiet spot alone.

Third I cast a circle( not so usual for me)- usually, I don’t feel the need to cast a circle except when working with powerful spells, but during a Ritual Journal my focus is not on my energy and directing it but reflecting on the holiday. Because of this, it is important to erect a circle around you. For me, I simply without voicing anything visualize a circle around me and draw energy to that area until I feel the energy surrounding me. If you are someone who is uncomfortable with this, then you should sit and begin writing at this point by detailing how you erect a circle.

Fourth I sit and begin writing my Ritual, starting with ” The circle has been cast…” Then it is usually a free write. If you are keeping the journal entry then date it so that you remember when and where it is from.

Fifth ( this is an optional part)- I work really well with fire and spirit. So when I do journal rituals I usually burn the page as an affirmation that what I have written will happen. Sometimes I make two copies so that I remember what I reflected on. I also do my spells at this point bc I have a tendency to work with fire for most spell work.

Sixth I take down my circle- this is essentially Step 3 but in reverse.

And it’s as simple as that. This can take varying lengths of time. I have a difficult time meditating but often find myself falling deeply into one during these times, so be sure to give yourself time to do this or at least set a timer.

And then here is the link for further guidance and also cutewitch772 on youtube does this so it may be beneficial to seek out her videos :


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