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You have a Matron and Patron yet you have more Pantheistic beliefs.

Well, yea…

I see the divinity of God/Goddess as not necessarily as a single being or even two or more being above us. I see the divinity all around us. I see the divine as something we can connect to with meditation and study of ourselves and the world around us. Yea, I am definitely kind of a pantheist.

I don’t see deity as a big man or woman or even both telling me how to live my life and expecting reverence and respect. Yet I do see deity as a helpful representation of the universe around you.

Cernunnos and Brighid are the masculine and feminine aspect of everything there is on earth and in the universe in my eyes. Some pagans wouldn’t agree with me, but hey it is my path.

I’ve always said that if I wasn’t pagan I’d probably be an atheist just because so much of religion revolves around the belief of a deity above us. I see deity as an end to a means for us mere humans to understand this vast world because let’s face it who knows what exactly created us ( as in the universe as a whole and what in all get out started life). See, no one has the exact answer, so to me pledging my life to a deity and saying that you are the benevolent true one, is silly.

I know many pagans dedicate their lives to a deity but I was brought into paganism with the belief that it varied amongst people, groups, and covens how they saw deity. PERFECT  for me. So when I say I have dedicated my life, my matron, and patron, I don’t mean I have dedicated myself to an entity I have never met.  I mean that I have dedicated my life to protecting the earth and the universe to the best of my abilities and all the creatures that call the earth home whether human animal or non-human animal.  I mean, I believe in some higher power but I am not the type of person that would just dedicate my life to some nameless thing that I don’t really know anything about. My brain doesn’t agree with that.

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