Well guys we didn’t get the grants I applied for so that means we’re going to have to really focus on community sourcing for this project while we look for other income streams.

With that said, this is a one-woman team right now and I would love assistance. If you have skills related to content creation, virtual assisting, graphic design, and fundraising I would love to discuss your volunteering or coming on in a negotiated partnership capacity.

And finally, I cannot in good faith allow people to have me publish their works and hope that this magazine will pick up. Any pieces donated to the fundraising issue will be to assist in us raising funds to continue the project and give you a priority for being offered to be a long-term writer.

Please see the letter below. The links in the letter will be in the comments.



My name is Kitty Hyatt.

I have a goal to release a digital magazine that targets the Asexual and Aromantic community. The magazine would assist us in learning about ourselves, finding support, and giving our allies and allosexual/alloromantic partners a place to hear our voices on areas of life and interacting that may impact us as individuals or as a community. One of the significant needs I have for this is to find creators to make content for this project. For the last few years, A(ce)spects has been a newsletter that extended from my work as the primary coordinator of DFW Asexuals Meetup. When I moved and could not find a replacement coordinator, I opted to move the newsletter to a new format to continue the goals of focusing on education, support, and community building for the asexual/aromantic community in a different way. Enter A(ce)spects Magazine.

I am excited to extend an invitation to create content for this magazine. As a content creator, you would create content for the magazine and be compensated $25 USD until I secure funding, as this is coming from my personal resources. If you become a consistent writer for the mag, other compensation options will be available.

Please review the A(ce)spects “Write For Us” doc to get a summary of our needs and goals. The keyword is “goals” to understand where our overall financial goals are headed. This is not an established mag, but I hope and plan to have a place that publicly focuses on asexuals and aromantics of all cultures and walks of life to discuss what these terms mean to them and their experiences.

Please forward all questions to Kitty Hyatt @ kittyhyatt07@gmail.com.

Please consider the following options if you can not or are unwilling to be a content contributor and still support this project’s ideology.

⏺️Please share the linked form with your colleagues, followers, and peer. Contact Kitty Hyatt for further questions.

⏺️Donate. Venmo: @pkittykat and I have a Patreon account to assist in all my projects.

⏺️Follow our media and share content.

⏺️Subscribe. We have set up a website as we get prepped.

⏺️Consider joining the board/volunteers/staff in other ways. Email Kitty Hyatt for details.

Suggest ways that our community can assist by emailing Kitty Hyatt.

Please understand that due to a lack of funding the project has been pushed, until we have enough submissions for a fundraising first mag.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kitty Hyatt

Editor and Founder of A(ce)spects