Welcome to Revolution Kitty, a social commentary and learning domain.

But what exactly does that mean?

In Revolution Kitty spaces, we are going to talk. We are going to deconstruct. We are going to feel. We are going to be passionate. 

We are going to explore perspectives and harm reduction…

… and sometimes we are just going to be. 

Exploring ourselves as the social creatures humans are means taking time to acknowledge nature, nurture, grace, growth, and boundaries. It means developing the ability to step away from what walls and structures we think we need to build happy and fulfilling lives so we can discover what we need to create healthful connections that help us find contentment and enjoy our lives.

Revolution Kitty will often center the socio-psychological perspectives that affect our everyday lives. Take a deep breath because none of us are perfect, and none of us are doing everything right.

Revolution Kitty – progressing our understanding of kindness and harm reduction in all aspects of life. 

Who is Kitty Hyatt

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