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Values of a Witch

Ok, I get this all the time. You are pagan, you don’t believe in the bible. Then what are your values, what are your morals? Do you even have them?


Of course, I do. In case you didn’t realize this, you don’t need religion to know good from bad.

Ok, I have said before that I am a mix of deity and nature-based, but the fact that I have a matron or patron does not mean that because of them I have a moral compass. I try to live my life by the balance I see in nature, by what I see every day. For instance, you know how we pollute every day and it hurts the earth? Bad action = bad consequence.

Recently the Jehovah’s Witnesses came by my house. They know my family ( they are JW, which you know if you follow this blog), so they are kind of confused as to why I left the “truth” and Since I am open to the discussion, they show up every once in a while.

When they were here the last time they asked me about sin. Follow the dialogue.


“Do you believe in the concept of sin and that Christ died for our sins.”

“I don’t believe in sin, I just believe that people choose to do bad things and they have to learn to deal with the consequences that that action will leave on there lives morally and according to mankind’s law.  As for Christ dying for our sins. I believe that he existed as a man who believes greatly in a faith that he was taught and was ready to be a needed sacrifice. I believe he thought he was dying for people sins, but I don’t believe that myself.”

“So  you don’t believe in the bible or Christ, yet you feel you make moral decisions.”

“I don’t feel that I need a book to tell me what is right or wrong. I feel that whatever created us gave us the ability to make a decision that benefits ourselves and others without hurting people unnecessarily. I don’t understand the concept of people believing that without a written document you have no values, no morals. We were given the freedom to choose our actions. I choose to try to do things that don’t hurt people or that are “bad” because they are easiest for me. People decide for themselves what is the easiest path for them, some choose things that are bad, some choose well. Who are we to judge anyway?”


This lead to a discussion on why I don’t believe in the Bible, etc. I get this same reaction all the time. People don’t get it.  But I don’t mind discussing things with them. I even took a copy of one of the more recent brochures that the faithful and discreet slave help to have published at Bethel called “The Bible”. Haven’t read it yet but I’ll get there.

Back on topic.

I have my Values and I’m going to share some of them, but first what are values. Well in this case,”Moral values are the standards of good and evil, which govern an individual’s behavior and choices. Individual’s morals may derive from society and government, religion, or self.”

Mine is completely based on self because in the religion I grew up in some of those values were taught against. So what are my “values” or just general things that I feel are common sense? So here we go:

  • Rights of love, life, happiness not being infringed on if they aren’t hurting others.

Some May know that I have a blog about poly/plyg relationships. I don’t find anything wrong with consenting adults participating in these. But apparently its morally wrong. Why? Still, haven’t found a valid reason why.

I believe that all people should be able to love who they want no matter of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, creed, number. I mean if it’s not your relationship and no one is being hurt who cares

  • Make the world a better place.
  • Do no harm. I knew this before I understood the bible or knew what the Wiccan Rede was. Honestly, I feel this is common sense. Do you even need the Rede for this?
  • Be honest
  • Do everything in the spirit of love
  • Stick up for what is right. Have integrity.
  • Be Trustworthy
  • Be self-controlled- I still Struggle with this
  • Be  compassionate
  • Have self-respect
  • Do not discriminate
  • Strive to be the best you can be and don’t give up
  • Respect others
  • Forgive. This has always been hard for me but I’m Still working on it all the time
  • Cooperate
  • Have fidelity
  • Be a good friend
  • Be tolerant
  • Have self-respect
  • Be open-minded
  • Speak your truth

Really these all sound so generic. But think about it. Do you really need something to tell you to treat others how you want to be treated? It’s a thing. And If you do something bad and have to reap the repercussion most likely you’ll learn.

I don’t really see my self as religious but I am definitely spiritual. I want to be in balance with myself and balance with the universe. Because of that, I strive to not make others feel beneath me (though I know I fall short at times), I strive to treat others as my equal because it is a matter of circumstance that I have it as good as I have. I mean don’t take things for granted. You never know what could happen next to take everything away from you.

Personally, I feel that the goal for my journey during this life is to help others find their potential. I meet so many people who take to heart when others say they aren’t worth anything and won’t amount to anything, but they have the potential to great and they shouldn’t let it go to waste. I found this truth after sitting down once and trying to explain to someone what my values and morals were and how I live my life and honestly, when I’m on track I am at my happiness. Its at times like that that I know I am doing right and that I am on the right path.


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