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Challenge for Pagans and Non-Pagans

Today I was reminded of an experience that I’ve Had and have talked about on this blog before while watching a vlog of cutewitch772. In this vlog, she pointed out how people tend to not know anything about other religions and make snap uneducated judgments.

OK so we know that I am in a student group on campus that is about educating to promote tolerance, so  I want to do that now.

Let’s promote some learning.


Read something about paganism. Preferably not a Wikipedia article, but something that will break down things.  I suggest something about the wheel of the year personally because I feel it explains the reasons behind earth-based.


I suggest picking up the book for the predominant religion in your country as a starting place. Americans would most likely be a bible, but figure out what it fits for your area.   Some areas might be densely by another belief system. If you’ve read the bible or once you’ve read it try looking at another book or have an open discussion with people.

Remember Ignorance Breeds Intolerance.


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