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Writer’s Block

I run a few blogs over a variety of topics. I love writing. I love reading. Unfortunately, none of that helps when you can’t think of a solitary word that is worth writing on the subject you are  discussing. I mean I have ideas. I’m highly opinionated, but sometimes just making the words come out in a manner everyone else will understand is just a little far outside your current brain capacity.

Sometimes writer’s block is not even about not having an idea. It’s can be as simply frustrating as I have this amazing idea but it’s in the wrong “language”.

My partner and I were talking about this the other day. I think in pictures and have to translate it over to words. Sometimes it’s easier to do than other times.

I have lists of posts for each of my blogs. It’s mostly the purpose behind starting. I had a lot to say and I say it better in writing. First, however, I have to get past not being able to translate the idea into words, at least enough to create an outline or losing my thought because I tried multiple ways of getting it into words that it doesn’t even make sense.

I love the writing process. This is why I write multiple posts at a time now. As I get to the point that I have made my thoughts more clear and concise, each post grows until complete.

It’s not an enjoyable reality to experience your brains awareness that it can’t complete a thought because te connections aren’t matched.

But I will never let it stop my love of writing.





Shalyse Wright-Bethea is the Founder of Design and Scheme. She has been working as Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant. Shalyse is an activist and she’s passionate and that reflects in everything that she does. Want to chat, have questions or want to hear my thoughts on a topic? Send me a shout: B.A in Interdisciplinary Studies ( Focus disciplines: Business, Humanities, Marketing) Event planner. Organizer. Loving my crunchy, veggie life.

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