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Why sustainable living is important to my family.

I love science. It is the foundation of everything I support spiritually and practically. Unfortunately,  over human’s time of scientific discovery and  scientific advances so many of us forgot that these amazing things we can now do at accelerated rates are actually quite dangerous for the lovely piece of organic matter that houses us in the perfect conditions for human, ANIMAL, and PLANT life to thrive. I felt the need to emphasize the last part since so many do not even recognize life beyond humans despite biology being taught since grade school.

We’ve become almost completely devoid of our humanity. Many of us are fighting for the earth and all the creatures of this Great Mother, but it’s like dealing with a novelty.

Our humanity is what make us human. Often we feel that it’s the intelligence exhibited and scientific advances we make that defines our humanity; we confuse it with our ability to create weaponry. Individuals who believe that have fallen short. Our humanity is about ability to see ourselves as being with emotional intelligence, to see how our actions impact other. It is  a virtue based on an understanding of the human condition that focuses on love, kindness, and social intelligence.

Our humanity is quite frankly something that we as humans are struggling to maintain.Tweet: Our humanity is quite frankly something that we as humans are struggling to maintain. @Shalysewb

But not all hope is lost.

There are still people out there with a deep need to help our earth, our neighbors, the living creatures that roam freely and in man-made cages,and reconnect with love and compassion.

In our household, sustainable living forces us to look at the why and the how of our actions. We may not always sustain quotemake the right chooses, but we no longer allow ignorance to be our excuse for not being humane.

In our home we use as many NATURAL, not “natural”, products as we can for cleaning. I check our labels and try to avoid certain foods. I promote healthy plant-based diets and the fact that plant-based is not a rich mans diet. I spread the word that there are food deserts which contribute to bad health and the cycle of poverty. I try to reduce as much as I can, while being cognizant of my families needs.

Two practices that also help me stay mindful of the benefits of the earth are meditation and herbalism.

  • Meditation ( recently mostly through yoga) helps me to take time to reflect. I give my time to reflect on all the “bad” I do, reflect on it, and heal. When my meditation is over it is now time to consider what I can do better. mot 2Always consider what you CAN DO better. Forcing the changes is not something that everyone can easily do  which can result in relapse and far more damage due to the warped thoughts of a bad experience. This practice allows me to take time to care and tend to myself which shows me how important that is on a larger level.
  • As I study herbs and how to use them medicinally, I have a respect of the non-synthetic forms of our modern drugs and how they have been cultivated. I remember the risk taken for discovery by our ancestors and the mindsets that we had before turning into individuals blindly bent towards conquering. I remember to respect the land and the lessons we glean from it. Herbalism keeps my love of science alive in a way that balances.  We must learn to balance science and nature and continue to use them together.

To wrap up, this is what I want you to talk from this piece of my mind:

Rediscover your 2

Admit the sentience of non-human beings.

Respect all life.

It’s a circle.





Shalyse Wright-Bethea is the Founder of Design and Scheme. She has been working as Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant. Shalyse is an activist and she’s passionate and that reflects in everything that she does. Want to chat, have questions or want to hear my thoughts on a topic? Send me a shout: B.A in Interdisciplinary Studies ( Focus disciplines: Business, Humanities, Marketing) Event planner. Organizer. Loving my crunchy, veggie life.

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