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When you say “All lives matter”…

…we know you don’t mean that.
If you did believe that you would know that statement is redundant.

We know all lives matters. That is a given.”All lives matter” was a reaction based in erasive behaviour.

Saying “Black lives matter” and having a movement behind is not refutong that statement. It’s reminding you that we matter too.

That while you live in the fantasy that racism and inequality does not exist anymore POC of all races experience it.

Every time you say “All lives matter”, you are derailing a much needed discussion just because it is a little uncomfortable.You can say pretty things like race is a social construct and it doesn’t matter, but it does.

Race is something that does exist. It has ties to our social, geographic, and cultural existence.

Thr negative side of itcomes from imperlistic views used  to control, enslave, and manipulate.The traces of that are ingrained in our society.

The moment people stop trying to pretend it is not something that exist, is the moment we can truly address the problem.

The problem is not accepting and celebrating multiple racial groups and the various cultures that fall into those groupings and overlap.

The problem is fearing what is different and trying to skew the view of what those differences mean.

The problem is not truly allowing minority groups their rights, but forcing them to rebuild.

Yes y’all, minority groups still exist.

The Civil Rights Movement is not that far away. Do you know what we were fighting for? The right to be seen as human beings deserving of respect just like you. For all People of Color to have equal rights.

Apparently that is too much to ask, still.

Remember that BLM also addresses police brutality and how it affects all people. It does however have a major focus on the fact that there is a trend of racial inequity. It is not saying all police are bad. Its saying thay there are people in a position of power who use it and abuse it due to racism, ego, and an inflated sense of self, as well as the fact that we need to seriously examine the training methods and processes of police forces.





Shalyse Wright-Bethea is the Founder of Design and Scheme. She has been working as Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant. Shalyse is an activist and she’s passionate and that reflects in everything that she does. Want to chat, have questions or want to hear my thoughts on a topic? Send me a shout: B.A in Interdisciplinary Studies ( Focus disciplines: Business, Humanities, Marketing) Event planner. Organizer. Loving my crunchy, veggie life.

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