When you recognize that someone telling you not to do something to them doesn’t necessarily mean you did something wrong, but simply that they are whole a person with preferences about how they are interacted with, your communication skills and emotional literacy skills are improving.

Just so you know.

Love, light, and butterflies,



Sometimes people need help.

To be safe. To not cause harm. To heal.

Societies are social. We need to remember that isolation makes none of us better. Ignoring something doesn’t make it go away.

It is your business. Your communities being healthier is your business. Do something about it even if it is the small change of reaching out to one single person.

Small acts are not as insignificant as they seem.

xox, kitty


For the Mother, searching for our Father, knowing he will come through for our lives.

Guide wisdom from  Mother Gaia,

protection from  Father Cernnunos for all time.

Honor them for they are life.

They are the first and last, the beginning and the end; out from chaos rose.

2009 ~ Zephyr