Means many.

Means sides.

Means overwhelmed.

Means emotions.

Means shapes.


Polyamory means love.

Means heartbreak

Means disappointment.

Means changed plans.


When that goddess warrior you love is dead.

Means more.

Means chances.

Means exploration.


Because you’ve opened your world to so many different experiences.

Means learning.

Means self-love.

Means self-care.

Means being open.


Polyamory means being scared, but being brave enough to open yourself up on varying levels over and over again.


Means teaching the world to love.


Every time someone complains to me about preferring a vegan lifestyle for whatever reason and comes at me stupidly.

Me: There is a reason most people actually transition over time. To teach themselves not to go hungry. To find out what they can eat when they have health restrictions and allergies.

Hell, I’m in year five of my transition because restrictive diets and eating disorders are hard to manage, especially when you are low income.

If you jump into without thinking about and what it means for you as a person as well you do more damage in the end.

If you don’t understand veganism, ask.

I will “love” you, my way, not your way.

If you can’t accept it, then you don’t deserve it.

It is fierce, it’s passion, it’s the blood that flows through our veins.

It’s something beyond words.

It’s powerful and overwhelming. 

It can crush you or bring you to life.

My “love” is an untamable flame; once sparked it only grows.

Unless you try to stifle it and contain it. 

Shape it into what you want, and in turn, starve it.

So ask yourself:

Do you want vital and listless passion?

2014 ~ Zephyr

I needed you.

 I needed you.

 I needed you.

 I said it so many times, but you’ll claim you never heard it because “I never said it.”

 I begged but you never helped me.

 I cried, my soul cried, but still nothings wrong.

 Nothing wrong except, slowly I’m dying a little more each day.

 My hearts withering and everything is turning dark, until one day I’m not there and then that’s when you realize everything that I was telling you while you wallowed in your misery.

2013 ~Zephyr