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Yuletide blessings and cat presents

Every year my nesting partner and I buy our casts presents on their designated adoption days and Yule.

Yule is the big day, and I feel like once the Yule tree is decorated, they are waiting for the stocking to show up.

I may buy them an actual stocking and decorate it starting next year, collecting small toys I know they’ll like to fill it.

I’m ever reminded that I am a cat mom and these are my surrogate children.

Check out my Instagram to see my cats opening their Yule gift!

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I love the winter holidays. Solstice is one of my favorite Sabbaths. My spouse and I have different religious practices under the same umbrella, so we celebrate Yule a bit differently.

I don’t really decorate, however, because it is a lot of work I really love to avoid. My favorite decoration however is a tie between the altar set for Solstice and the tree.

This year we are not doing a Yule altar as my parents will be here and they are of a completely different faith which does not observe any of the holidays. 

We have however bought a tree. A Japanese Holly that shouldn’t get any taller than I. We have named him Chadwick and hope that he will be with our family as a more flourished Holly, and next year be ready to be adorned with some ornaments that are heavier than our home made ones cinnamon clay ones.

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Ritual Journaling

Many of you know that I am involved with a pagan based student group we started on my campus. We are not doing a ritual on Samhain this year. Instead, we are holding a masquerade with another student group. Because we are not doing a ritual, something (I’m assuming one of my animal/spirit guides) prompted me to post about an alternative for those that don’t have another way to celebrate the Sabbaths. I would like to introduce to you Ritual Journaling.

I will provide a link as well as the example below of how I have done this in the past.

The way I hold Ritual Journaling is much like how I do powerful spells ( or for some people spells in general).

First I gather my supplies( normal for me with general spell work) – Supplies include my BOS ( so currently my tablet), Incense, candles, any materials for spells I wish to do that coincide with the Sabbath, my journal or piece of paper I wish to do the ritual with and a writing utensil that won’t give out and that will only be used for the purpose of ritual journaling.

Second I find a comfortable spot to hold my Ritual (normal for my spell work)- Now this could be in your house, outside your house, alone in a room where you won’t be disturbed or in a room with people who know what you are doing. I usually do the latter, but before I lived in my own place I would find a quiet spot alone.

Third I cast a circle( not so usual for me)- usually, I don’t feel the need to cast a circle except when working with powerful spells, but during a Ritual Journal my focus is not on my energy and directing it but reflecting on the holiday. Because of this, it is important to erect a circle around you. For me, I simply without voicing anything visualize a circle around me and draw energy to that area until I feel the energy surrounding me. If you are someone who is uncomfortable with this, then you should sit and begin writing at this point by detailing how you erect a circle.

Fourth I sit and begin writing my Ritual, starting with ” The circle has been cast…” Then it is usually a free write. If you are keeping the journal entry then date it so that you remember when and where it is from.

Fifth ( this is an optional part)- I work really well with fire and spirit. So when I do journal rituals I usually burn the page as an affirmation that what I have written will happen. Sometimes I make two copies so that I remember what I reflected on. I also do my spells at this point bc I have a tendency to work with fire for most spell work.

Sixth I take down my circle- this is essentially Step 3 but in reverse.

And it’s as simple as that. This can take varying lengths of time. I have a difficult time meditating but often find myself falling deeply into one during these times, so be sure to give yourself time to do this or at least set a timer.

And then here is the link for further guidance and also cutewitch772 on youtube does this so it may be beneficial to seek out her videos :

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“You believe in a Goddess. Well then you can’t believe in God.” “Oh but I do, Sir.”

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

The above scripture is the scripture that trips everyone up when talking about deity to Christians. This always gets quoted to me when I mention the Goddess.

Yes, I believe in a higher something that created humankind. I call it deity, my Spiritual parents, God and Goddess. Brigid and Cernunnos, my matron and patron.

I was raised Christian. First as a Jehovah’s Witness( please don’t bash them if you have never had a bible study with them. I promise the impression you have is probably wrong if you haven’t.), then I also went to different churches and youth group. I know all about the Christian version of God. I respect him because personally, I believe that every sentient being that is apart of a spiritual or religious path call upon the same entity just by different names.

I get told often that if I believe in a Goddess then I don’t believe in god. False. I will endeavor to explain to you how I do and the reason why this belief in Christianity ( not all just the ones that I was around) pushed me away from the religion.

 So let’s take a look at that verse again.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”  Okay, Here is my personal analysis of it that made sense to me at 12 and still hasn’t fundamentally changed.

  1. “God created man in his own image… male and female created he them” First I thought if God is he and we are made in his image why didn’t he make us all male(5-year-old mind there). Growing up I got the “well he did that so we can reproduce”, so I just went with it. Now after more biology, I added that he could’ve made us reproduce asexually.
  2. Ok so if we are created in his image and there are 2 anatomical sexes then this “God” must be a Collective of more than one deity. Most likely a male and female are included in this, whether as figureheads or equals (like the many facets of one being).
  3. It makes sense to me that at the time the bible was written and then when Christianity was established, that any admittance to a female deity would be removed because that would defeat the purpose of an all-powerful god, rather than one that thrives with balance. ( I sorry I have to jump to my feminist perspective. Men have been stripping power from women for a long time and before Christianity existed paganism was around and women were held to a higher standard. So to my brain, it made sense that the writers and creators of the religion and its text would want things to resemble the life they were living to validate it. But that is a whole nother topic in itself.)

I mean really I could go on for days just on this one topic, but I won’t.  I have an involvement fair ( representing the new pagan club at my school I help to start at it) to go to. I leave it at these 3 because they were my personal top 3 that began to push me away from the idealism of one god.


I know someone will say. The Bible, The Quran, the Torah, whatever book the religion is lead by says that their book claims knowledge of the one true God.

                                                      But really. I don’t buy it. If we were meant to know this, then there would be a concise name put to God. As is the mystery of the universe we don’t know everything.

We just have to face that we are human and as humans, we are a lesser entity.