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Mental Health Safety Plans

A lot of this information is for clinicians, but individual can take aspects from this to help themselves make their own plan.

Safety Plan Quick Guide for Clinicians

Safety Planning: Introduction, Sample, and DMH Template and Considerations

What Should Be In A Mental Health Safety Plan?

Patient Safety Plan Template

Safety Plan Template

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Deconstructing Transphobia – Intentional or Otherwise.

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White privilege: Understanding the term and intersecting identities

I post lists like these on my social media as a quick and dirty introduction to topics. I recently had to redo them, so I thought I’d go ahead and pop it here. Enjoy! Drop a comment about your favorite resource on this subject.

Posting this after that travesty last week and realizing that people really still think white privilege and male privilege are the only forms of privilege that are discussed. They are not, but historically they have dominated all spheres. Even still today, they can work in many spheres. That doesn’t negate the work needed in other intersecting spheres such as family planning and expectations.