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Happy National Coming Out Day. This I will be reading at the event I mentioned in an earlier post, happening this evening. Hope to see you there.

You say that it’s a sin,
but I don’t believe in the concept of sin.

Much less do I believe that any type of love can be a sin.

I love this person. They love me.

How can the expressions of consenting individuals be a sin because some “God” above says “man you will love my way or I seek your destruction”.
See, see first of all you got it twisted.

Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. Why are you casting stones?

I see you breaking those guidelines, but judging me.

Do you boo, because I’m gonna do me. You can live and die mad, but I’m going to be happy.

I love many. I love those the same as me. I love those different than me. I love those exploring who they want to be.

You see I believe in limitless love, in the magic of the many types of love that present because we are us.

Across race. Across gender. Across sex. Across your limitations.

If that is what makes me a sinner, then this Pansexual presenting Pagan Witch will wear that label proudly and reclaim it.

In a world so full of hate, if love is a sin, then don’t forgive me, Father. I have no regrets.

In the end, it’s about being authentically me and not your social constructs. I’m honestly just a queer polyamorous enigma. With the aro and the ace and the love for all the people.

Perhaps you think your bigoted beliefs and disdain that causes you to wreak havoc on the other’s existence, disguised as moral superiority, gives you power but it doesn’t.

I wonder what that magical boy revolutionary would say to you as he looks at the devastation you wrought from your lack of compassion and love.

This Little kittens blood runs leather, which means I have what I need to stand up to you.

I know who I am.

If you want people to hide who they are to pretend the world is how you need it to be, so be it.


Almost every day I am surrounded by people who say no to that.

I am here you remind you that we no longer sweep things under the rug.

We build communities and support.

We rip up the moldy, grim laced rugs and burn them.

By that light, we restore the foundation of our societies to what they should be.

A place to learn, to grow, to be free of the unnecessary forces of animosity.

A real place to explore the value of love in all its shapes and forms.

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