Posted in Verse - Diminishing secrets of Zephyrrine


You are beautiful, My Love.
But you can’t save my soul.”

“You are beautiful, My Love.
But I can’t save your soul.”

“You are beautiful, My Love.
But I can’t help my soul.”

You are beautiful, My
love,  but this is my war.

You are beautiful, my love. Thank
you for the support.

You are beautiful, my love;
shelter yourself from the storm.

Relationships are an amalgamation of lived experience, trauma, adventure, love, and self-exploration from various perspectives. The baggage that we bring with us is expected, but expecting our partner to take on our trauma and negative experience is reprehensible. Support you, yes. Give you grace as you learn to manage whatever it is, of course. However, dealing with our traumas and negative experiences is part of self-work. Other’s can not dig us out of whatever hole we have found ourselves in.

This is an important reminder for people who are aware of their partners’ past. You can’t fix it. You cant fix them. You can be there, now.


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