Posted in Verse - Diminishing secrets of Zephyrrine

The reason why you think I am happy…

is because that is the face I choose to show.

The world fucking sucks.

But look over there.

That Tree. That blade of grass. That flower.

That is life and I choose to breathe it and give the bad the middle finger and face it down.

No seriously though. Have you ever hugged a tree?

Yes, oh yes, I am about to take you on a tree hugging witch round up of loving the earth.

You see I am happy because I am a steward and while this shell is decaying and my brain is a hot mess, my spirit is blessed and free knowing that I came from and will return to nature and it is love as it nourishes us daily.

Thank you, Earth Mother goddess for not forsaken us though we pillage and rape you!

You think I am happy because that is the joy I project as channel her, it, them, us all.



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