Posted in Verse - Diminishing secrets of Zephyrrine

Stop me

I hate everything about me,

but still, I don’t grieve.

All passions are spent and most deceived.

That is the most worldly decree.

And who will save us from ourselves;

On whom will rely?

When our hearts are dark and our souls are not pure,

how can we endure?

I don’t understand the many truths and secrets of these vast lands,

but the pain is beginning to seep through my cracked armor.

I try so hard to hide the hurt deep inside.

Years of this unbearable emotion are bubbling forth.

No beauty lies here.

Ugliness hidden behind paint is all you see.

Please help me.

Tell me what to do, what to change.

But you can’t when all your passions are spent and most deceived.

Who will save me from myself?

On whom shall I rely?

Who will save us now?

Who will save me now?

Stop me now!

2008 ~ Zephyr


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