Posted in Verse - Diminishing secrets of Zephyrrine


I sit here and listen to the arguments going back and forth.


It’s like a slap in the face.

The blatant ignorance displayed is searing.

You fling that word in my face, in the face of the mothers who had to make a painful decision, for a myriad of reasons that are not yours to know.

You say that we who are for choice are anti-life, pro murder.

No child, no.

Please, I beg you to educate yourself.

We are here to protect women; their right to live a life they have fought so hard for.

              To not have something undesired forced onto them just because someone didn’t understand “No”.

              To ensure that women who make that heart-wrenching choice have a safe and sanitary place to go.

              To let women know they have a right to their bodies.

                           We are not murderers.

                           We are advocates for mothers whose voices are being erased yet again in the history of man.

                           We exist to make sure we are educated about our bodies.

                           We are advocates these young boys and girls who are curious but aren’t being educated and make mistakes.

Stand us in a line and ask us “Do you personally support abortion?” and you will get an array of answers and none of them are pro murdering a child.

Many of them would be the same reason you would use to support someone you know who had to make that choice, despite the fact you don’t agree with it.

Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion; though an individual can be.

Abortion does not mean murder.

It is your choice to demonize, criminalize and abuse.


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