Posted in Verse - Diminishing secrets of Zephyrrine


Empty, laughing infectiously
at the fate that has left me,
alone in this void.
Prying of my Heart unceasing
to leave me empty.

Dry, tear tracks like an evaporated river left curiously,
Now no one will ever see
alone here in this dark void. Cold yet a sweet caressing
to leave me alone in my place and empty.

They are coming, Laughing to take me away
But yet I have already been, cut, torn, Slain.
Such gripping fear of love, lust, my own internal fear, the
feel of those madmen at my heels,
has driven me into my darkness, destroying me from my insides out.

Begging for peace only brings pleasure to them,
those hounds breathing so close to me.
Yes, I am afraid, Deathly afraid.
Afraid because I am stuck her with the deafening laughter,

2010 ~ Zephyr


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