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Me, the SOCIAL Introvert

Now we aren’t talking about social introversion.  We are talking about being a social person who is also an introvert. Well really there is a bit of both in this post… but, rambling.

I find it quite amusing when in a passing discussion someone says, ” You’re an introvert?”

Why yes dear, I am. I’m pretty talkative or at least opinionated so it seems people often misconstrue that for extroversion.

As an introvert, I have my circle that I love to spend time with, sometimes. Hell being around any of my romantic partners for too long is sometimes too much. I still have the ability to get exceptionally passionate  about a subject at hand. Passionate may actually be an understatement.

Veggie. Animal rights. Feminism. Social woes. Poverty. Access to healthy food. The ability to live and love your way. Religious tolerance. Ring any bells.

As an introvert, I have my circle that I love to spend time with. I still have the ability to get exceptionally passionate  about a subject. I love a good debate. I like going out occasionally.

Trust, I love going out and meeting new people.  I’m curious by nature and love to explore.

But at some point, I need to go home and recharge with a book, a movie, and a kitty.

And this, my beautiful friends and eco-nuts, is where I realize how horribly we have fallen in our understanding of introversion vs extroversion.

This is about our energy.

Many of my personal pursuits involve A LOT of direct interaction with people and groups. I’ve often considered giving up on my career aspiration simply because I’m shy on top of the fact that by the end of my day I feel increasingly drained by the interactions with so many people who don’t realize how much they take.

The reality is that it is not every other person’s responsibility to know how much they drain me. They can’t help it.

What ultimately makes it easier to be around others is that I try to make most of my social interaction based on things I like and remind myself that the things I “have” to do are temporary inconveniences. I mean it also helps to know that the person I’m talking to may also feel the same way I do.

As a social introvert, by choice and necessity, I try to plan my major interactions – e.g. parties, networking events, large gatherings, and come to an understanding of who I am and what helps me recharge.

I try to gauge my energy output so that I can conserve as much of my personal resources as I can, using only what is necessary.

Alright, enough of my digression. Off to make potato and pea curry.



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Shalyse Wright-Bethea is the Founder of Design and Scheme. She has been working as Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant. Shalyse is an activist and she’s passionate and that reflects in everything that she does. Want to chat, have questions or want to hear my thoughts on a topic? Send me a shout: B.A in Interdisciplinary Studies ( Focus disciplines: Business, Humanities, Marketing) Event planner. Organizer. Loving my crunchy, veggie life.

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