Posted in Verse - Diminishing secrets of Zephyrrine


Sometimes I miss being single. Not because I want to go out and do

Not because I want to go out and do things, but because I miss actually having time to breath and not feeling like I was always rushing to get my stuff done to do something for someone else.
I miss being able to be empty for 5 mins and not have a thought that wasn’t just me.
I miss unrushed manicures and being able to buy something I need without feeling bad because I know we can’t afford that list of wants you have.
I miss not having to rely on someone else because things got done with my brains silly OCD, but now everything gets messed up because I have OCD.
I miss anxiety attacks only being because of my fear or cars or a paper I forgot is due.
I miss not feeling like my niceness and my love are being used.
I miss being able to express myself rather than suppress myself.
But cuddles are good, so sometimes it’s not so bad.
I also like that happy cute face when things are going right.


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