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Is Your BOS your Bible?

Short answer: NO!

What is a Book of Shadows (BOS) “a personal diary or journal filled with the spells, rituals, charts, dreams, and notes of information about witchcraft that are important to the owner? This is where a witch records their own personal impressions and thoughts”

My Book of shadows is not a book I live my life by. I think of it as I do my notebook for school ( I’m just a lot more protective of it).  I take notes in it for later reference in my craft and training, but there is a lot more I do with it. A BOS can be used for many things and many people use their BOS to collect all kinds of general information and information specific to there paths. So what are some examples things that you will find in a BOS:

  • General information about paganism.
  • Specific information about your path.
  • List of gods and goddesses and what they represent, as well as what represents them.
  • Little summaries of books you have read while learning and notes that you have on them.
  • Information about witchcraft and your reflection on it and how you plan to use it in your path if you do want to practice.
  • Spells (Personally I have a section dedicated to how to write/ make my own spells ATM. I haven’t really been writing spells down bc I usually just let my magic flow.)
  • I have dream information in mine.
  • I have examples of how rituals and Sabbaths should be done, but I don’t use them. (They were just tools that helped me learn and since one day I will start a Grimoire  I just keep them.)
  • Information on herbs and gardening ( I’m a kitchen/hearth/hedge witch so for me, it makes sense maybe not for you though.)
  • Information on Colors, stones and other things that help us learn about and focus energy frequencies.
  • Definitely have something in there about altar tools and placements.
  • I have meditation, chakra and aura information in mine too.

* If there is interest I can link my online version of my BOS  that is just a collection of data.

Ok so Online BOS. How does that even work? Aren’t you suppose to take that into your circle when you perform the ritual and stuff? So you take your laptop?

Well, it depends. Usually, I have my ritual or spell together and I usually don’t need notes, but when it is really complicated  I have notes.

Currently, I am transferring things into a binder. Just print it off and arranging it as I see fit. You can tell I’m OCD when it comes to thing like this because I’ll make 3 or 4 sometimes more drafts before I make a final copy. I plan on one day having a faux leather bound  BOS but that can be 20 years away before I feel ready to do that or it could be next week that I decide everything is the way I want it to be.


Just to be clear there is nothing wrong with having a laptop in a circle. I mean if you are going to get distracted by Facebook then don’t use tech to hold your BOS otherwise who cares. We are in the age of technology so if you think it benefits your path to use it then go for it.


You may have heard of a Book Called A Wiccan Bible.  So I have found 2 versions. One that is set up like Scripture, but it is not our bible it’s just something that someone wrote. I have a copy of it because I find it interesting. The Other is pretty much a textbook to teach you things you need to know. Neither is a literal bible though.


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