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Twin Flames

I believe that we are together for a reason.

I believe in soul mates and that everyone

has one person that helps to not complete

them, but guide and help them through life.

Soul mates can be family, friends, lover,

partners, that random person we saw

paying it forward.

They are limitless. 1. 2. 10. 1000.

You can only have one who you are

meant to connect with wholly because they are

your “other half”.

This is your Twin Flame, whether

incarnate or dis-incarnate.

This being isn’t here to fulfill some

empty void or make you feel complete.

Their sole purpose is to help you learn

and grow and reach the point where you as an individual  transcend the


Many who believe similar, believe

that Twin Flames are so connected that

they never fight or disagree.

To me, that doesn’t make sense.

I think that people forget that we have been separated from our twin and

have lived our incarnate lives with different experiences and conditioning.

Because of this, Twin Flames incarnate on

this plane are bound to have some


How can you expect two incarnate beings to

be completely the same?

Are you the same as you were in your

disembodied state?

If you are able to interact with your Twin,

when they are in a spirit form, relish

it and enjoy it just as you would if you

could physically be with them.

Twin Flames are not governed by the traditional or

human laws of relationships.

You are experiencing a point of reunion.

You have to look past the mundane especially

if  both of you are incarnate and have the

ability to be together in a physically

interactive union, sexually or asexually.

Finding your twin, communing with them is

something divine.

It surpasses the ego.




I could be wrong that the man I intend on marrying and spending my life with is my twin. But to me, it does not matter. He is special to me and I know deep in me that he was meant to be a part of my life.  He is my soul mate, and that is a fact. I’ve been told many times that twin flames are only recognizable by each other. Honestly, I was not drawn to learn about twin flames until long after we were together. It is our meeting, our parting and our reunion that have persuaded me that I have found my twin in this man. But in truth, regardless I have found a man that I love and feel honored to be loved by and that is all that matters.

Note: I don’t claim knowledge. Anything I post is something I felt compelled to write about from the heart.


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