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Twin Flames in Same Sex Relationships

This is Kind of my response to a video where someone stated they didn’t believe that twin flames exist in male-male and female-female incarnate unions.  Since I myself am Bisexuality, I did not resonate with this statement.


I do believe Twin Flames can be found in homosexual incarnate couplings 0, only if both partners have come to an understanding of Masculine and feminine.

Everyone is capable of channeling both the masculine and the feminine. So, in essence, I do not that the physical form that we take on negates whether or not our partner really is our Twin Flame.

Can You Truly say that in your disembodied state you are a male or female? So then why assume that it should be male and female in the incarnate state?

If Twin Souls are experiencing reunion not to complete each other but to help them grow, then is it not probable that both embody the masculine and feminine aspects of life.

This is balance. As a pagan, I believe that everyone has a masculine and feminine side. If not I feel I could not be in tune with my matron and patron and most importantly with nature. Without an understanding of this balance, we experience suppression and cannot reach our true selves or learn the lessons that we are here to learn. the physical form we are in is a vessel and this vessel is here to help us through this life.

It should be a goal to have a balance of strength with yourself ( masculine) and value of those around you ( feminine( these energies are divine and experience them is understanding the world’s balance.




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